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Mark Lee is a household name that needs no introduction in Singapore and the region. The boisterous multi-hyphenate artiste has been working the local and regional entertainment scene for the past 28 years.

Mark's versatility and multi-faceted talents has made him one of Singapore's most sought-after actor, comedian and TV personality. Over the years, Mark has earned himself 4 times "Best Comedian" and 2 times "Best Variety Show Host" at past Star Awards ceremonies and has been consistently voted as one of the "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes". In 2010, he was awarded the most prestigious "All Time Favourite Artiste" in the Star Awards.

Following his success in television productions, Mark Lee took on new challenges and ventured into the film industry in 1988. Since his major feature-film role as a contractor "Ong" in the 1988 box-office hit "Money No Enough", Mark had took up lead roles and produced 33 local and international movies which made him one of Singapore's most commercially successful film actors and producers. In 2009, Mark was named the "Best Performance Actor" at the Singapore Film Festival for his role in Jack Neo's successful franchise - Money No Enough 2. Mark's silver screen career soared greater height when he made his directorial debut in the comedy-horror movie "The Ghost Must Be Crazy" in 2011, which grossed nearly US 1.2 million box office.

Mark now broadened his horizon and ventured into radio industry. He is currently an anchor host of the No.1 Morning Show on Love 97.2FM, "早安!玉建煌崇”.

Mark is one of the few Singaporean actors who have made the successful transition from television to film and he has a rock-solid foundation for his current silver screen success today.


Varieties involved


  1. 搞笑行动
  2. 梁新发现
  3. 新电信,新发现
  4. 心跳爆笑夜
  5. 超猛新人王
  6. 欢乐颠峰 (共9系列)
  7. 惊喜一整天
  8. 超值玩乐大搜寻
  9. 我是创新王 (1 & 2)
  10. 物物大交换
  11. 客人来
  12. 有话好好说(共4系列)
  13. 鸡婆俱乐部
  14. 搞笑行动 2003
  15. 敢敢来约会
  16. 摆家乐 (1 - 4)
  17. 吉屋出售
  18. 王牌对王牌
  19. 我的导游是明星2
  20. 搞笑至尊
  21. 国记交意所 (1 - 4)
  22. 又馆我去那里!
  23. 爸爸当家
  24. 我要当食神 (1 & 2)
  25. 玩家万岁
  26. 我要唱下去
  27. 美差事,苦差事 (1 - 3)
  28. 大手牵小手
  29. 小毛病,大问题 (1 - 6)
  30. 三个男人,一张口
  31. Volkswagen Game Show (1 & 2)
  32. 梦想家计划
  33. Please Be My Guest (1 & 2)
  34. Neighbourhood Chef (1 & 2)
  35. Toggle, Double Trouble
  36. What's In The Fridge
  37. Astro Super Comedian (1 - 3)
  38. Happy Can Already
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